Frequently Asked Questions
1. How Do I order photos?  Order via our shopping cart. Simply click on the thumbnail to see the photo larger and then click on the size and quantity of to the right of the photo. Once you've chosen the size you and quantities that you want you can then click the show cart button. From this screen you can add, delete, change the order or cancel as well as pay.

2. How Do I pay for photos? Pay SECURELY via paypal using either your existing paypal account or simply use your credit card. NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED! Fill in the name and address information on the shopping cart screen and click the paypal button below.

3. How do I pay if I don't have a credit card or I would rather not pay using the secure paypal site? Just follow answer one's instructions and fill in all the name and address information and then click on the "email your order button" which is below the paypal button. I will call in the next day or so to get the credit card # or discuss you sending a check or money order.

4. How do I pay via phone? Simply call our 800-551-1217 and leave the credit card information or our SECURE VOICE MAIL.

5. How long does it take to receive the photos? It takes from a 7-14 days from the time we receive payment to receive the photos.

6. Why does your voice mail message say "Convention Photography"? This is our parent company and you are calling the correct place to order from

7. I can't find any photos of me? We post all the photos from each day usually around 10-11 pm. If you've clicked on the correct day and can't find any of you chances are we missed you...sorry.

8. How long do you leave the photos online? 1 month!!

9. I missed ordering within the month period how can I see and order photos? We will repost the photos for a $5.00 fee which will be applied to your order. We will send you a paypal request before we repost the photos.

10. How long do I have to order if I have the photo #'s and date I skied? April 1st.

11. The photos appear dark or light can that be corrected? Yes! In most cases we can make a good print.

12. Can I get the photos printed without the logo? No. Sorry.

13. How do I submit a photo for the "photo of the day"? Simply find the photo you would like featured and click on the thumbnail to make it larger. Once at the screen that has the larger image (and the various sizes the photo is available in and the cost) you scroll down to below the comments box to "send a link to this image" and email us at In the comments box you can say "I'd like this image to appear in the photo of the day section". We will decide which photo is featured.

14. My question is not listed here? Great! Please email us the question and we will respond by 11 pm.